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Splinter Cell : Conviction

Splinter Cell : Conviction ports

Publisher : Ubisoft
Web site :
Developer : Ubisoft Montreal
Web site :
Platform : PC
Requirements : View System requirements
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Application: SCELLCON External port: 9100 Internal port: 9100 Protocol: UDP

Application: SCELLCN1 External port: 9103 Internal port: 9103 Protocol: UDP

Application: SCELLCN2 External port: 10196 Internal port: 10196 Protocol: UDP

Application: SCELLCN3 External port: 80 Internal port: 80 Protocol: TCP (This port should be forwarded by default)

Application: SCELLCN4 External port: 3081 Internal port: 3081 Protocol: TCP

Application: SCELLCN5 External port: 3105 Internal port: 3105 Protocol: TCP

Application: SCELLCN6 Port range: 22350 - 22380 Protocol: TCP

Information kindly provided by "lasrever"

• Splinter Cell : Conviction router and firewall port information

The information in this article is for the PC platform.

Any ports for Splinter Cell : Conviction listed on this page should be opened or forwarded in your router/firewall to allow proper connection to an online server or dedicated server and/or when you want to host an online multiplayer game or application from your computer or local area network (LAN). If you are unsure of how to open or forward ports please check your router/firewall manufacturers web site where you should be able to find a list of frequently asked questions or a knowledge base section, you may also be able to view an online user manual and in the vast majority of cases there will also be online support forums or blogs where you can look at a particular game or application and see whether other users have experienced the same problems, this is often a very good way to resolve a port forwarding issue, lots of users with similar computer hardware and internet connections may have experienced the same problem themselves and resolved it through online support forums or blogs, There may also be fan/clan or official website support pages where you can get information about Splinter Cell : Conviction online connection issues, you could also check the user manual that was supplied with your firewall or router, this should contain precise information that is specific to your router or firewall and should describe the process of opening or forwarding ports in easy to follow guides.

Once you know how to open or forward the ports you can use the application name, port numbers or port ranges, tcp/udp protocols shown here to modify your firewall or router's settings. To bookmark this page for future reference, press CTRL+D, alternatively you can make a note of the required tcp/udp ports now, unless stated otherwise, all the ports listed above must be forwarded. In some cases you may need to open several ports or port ranges, but if they are listed here they are required by the game or application. Some of the ports listed may state that they are for a game or application and there may be a seperate list which must also be forwarded when you are the host of an online game server and some applications, if this is the case, the exact requirements will be listed in the ports section and if the game or application requires additional ports when you are the host of a server it will state it in the list of ports. If there is no information listed for the ports or there is a question mark where the port numbers should be this means that we have so far been unable to verify the router/firewall ports, we are always looking for new information and trying to verify any existing information and welcome any input from people who may own the game or application.

This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge and where possible has been verified with a user manual for the game or application, in some cases the information will come from our web site administrators who have patiently tested and verified it. If you have any difficulties, errors or problems after opening or forwarding the ports you can register with us and send us an email using the Contact Us button on the main menu which will become available when logged in, we will always try to answer any queries and find a solution. We also have the system requirements listed for a growing number of titles so that you can check that your computer meets the minimum requirements, this information should also be available in the user manual that was supplied with Splinter Cell : Conviction or from the publishers/developers web site directly.

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