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Bloodhound supersonic car model unveiled at Farnborough


Bloodhound supersonic car model unveiled at Farnborough

The Bloodhound supersonic car, what can I say, do not rev your engine if you find youself at a set of traffic lights next to this baby. BBC News: "To claim the record, the vehicle will have to better the mark of 763mph (1,228km/h) set by the Thrust SuperSonic Car in 1997.", not much then. "Three people who worked on Thrust are also engaged in the Bloodhound project. They are driver Wing Cdr Andy Green, project director Richard Noble, (Thrust SSC) and chief aerodynamicist Ron Ayres."

Update: 22-11-2010
More news about the project has been announced today, you can read more about it at:

Update: 05-03-2011
UK rocket test for 1,000mph car:

Visit the Bloodhound SSC website

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