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Online game/application router/firewall tcp/udp protocol port forwarding/requirements database

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Our regular newsletter will be sent to registered users every 90 days automatically, registered users can modify this option at any time. is designed to give users a comprehensive database list of router/firewall tcp/udp protocol port numbers and/or port ranges used for online computer games and applications such as file transfer agents, chat/messenger programs and web cams, and all other applications that require ports to be forwarded to the IP address of the hosting computer in order to connect online.
We constantly update the web site databse list of ports and system requirements and are always looking for new online game or application router/firewall ports to add to the database. If there is an online game or application that you have information about and would like to have the information posted on this website please use the 'Submit Ports' button from the main menu to send the information directly to our website administrators. We also have the minimum and recommended system requirements listed for games and online applications, we hope you find this website useful.

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