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Your use of our web site(s) that are linked to this terms of use page is subject to the following terms. If any part or our web site(s) is subject to different terms of use they will be made available to you and your use of those area's is subject to those terms of use. In the event that such terms of use located in other area's are not consistant or contradict these terms of use in any way, these terms of use shall have overriding authority.

• We reserve the right to restrict access to our web site(s) or any servers that we may operate or particular sections of those web sites or servers without prior notification and for any reason and shall remain at our sole descretion. The actions we may take may include the following actions and may also include other measures that may be at our means for any violations that would otherwise disrupt the normal day to day operation of our web site(s), servers or may interfere with or depreciate use by other web site users.

• Restrict access, suspend temporarily or terminate your access to all or any part of our web site(s), servers or any area's therein.

• Modify, suspend either temporarily or discontinue all or any part of our web site(s), servers, or any other services that we may offer.

• Remove, disregard, refuse, move or ignore any material that is submitted to our web site(s) or any representetives thereof without authorisation and/or where we consider the material unsuitable for any reason.

• Remove, refuse, move or modify any content in our web site(s) or database(s).

• Suspend, delete, restrict any user accounts or related information that may be stored on our web site(s) or server(s).

• Restrict access to our servers for unsolicited email.

• Please also note, we do not accept connections where all HTTP fields are blank.

You agree by the use of this website that we will not be liable to you or any third party for enforcing any of the above actions or for any problems arising from the use of this website.

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