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About Us was created and is still managed today by a group of online multiplayer game enthusiasts who have previously colaborated on projects and who saw a need for an extensive, easy to access database which lists ports that are required to be forwarded in a router, firewall or both. We decided in the early stages that we wouldn't offer information on exactly how to forward ports in a particular users router because there are already web sites that cover that quite well and because of the complexity of offering such information for every router or firewall what was ever invented, we cater for a user base where the user has opened at least one port in their firewall or router before and only need to know the port numbers and not so much exactly how to do it with a specific router, so we decided to concentrate on the ports themselves as current databases were out of date, in-complete, and often quite tiresome to access even to obtain some simple port information. We also have the system requirements for games and applications in our database because there is software and online related content which offers a quick "Can i run this with my computer" type approach but sometimes what a user actually wants to know is not only can i run this, but also and perhaps more importantly "How well can i run this", will an online game just about run or will it not only run but perform in a way that gives me a slight advantage, by offering the minimum and manufacturers recommended system requirements we offer users the ability to do just that.

Founded in 2006 we are now able to offer an extended database to cover a wide range of games and applications, system requirements and router specifications through our customised databse and web site. We have tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world every month. Our database collection of ports for games and applications, system requirements for games and applications, and router information pages are an ideal medium to deliver targeted advertisements, including demographically targeted advertisements to computer users with a specific interest in online games and other services we provide on a global basis, we take great care and pride in the services that we provide, we believe we offer an unparralleled service and try in all instances to keep the content of our web site and/or other services free of any offensive material and/or content which may offend particular individuals. In a global arena this is actually not as simple as it may sound and we constantly monitor, approve and in many cases dis-approve content that would otherwise be displayed on our web site and/or servers. We also offer users the use of our servers for dedicated online game servers for some specific games and voice communication servers, for more information regarding the rental of such services please feel free to contact one of our web site administrators at any time for pricing or availability questions, all registered users have the ability to contact an administrator when logged into the website for further assistance, all of the services we offer are moderated by our highly trained, dedicated and experienced team. - The first and best website to offer a ports/system requirements database exclusively.

About Us

We provide this service free of charge but we still have server costs etc to pay for, please donate, (button on menu), and help us to be here in the future

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