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Benefits of registration

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Registered users will have the ability to send messages to other users via the web site, if you send a message to another user on the web site they will get a message alert on the menu panel when they next log into the web site. Registered users will also be able to view the list of members and will have the ability to send emails via the web site to other contacts and suggest links for them to visit as well as the ability to edit your own profile and upload a custom portrait for your profile, set your preferred time zone and access to "My Page" "Preferences" "List Groups" "List Users" "User Links" "Poll Vote" and "Images" from the main menu and "website statistics", this will give some live performance statistics to our users, a link will become available on the right hand side of the page on the lower tagline when logged in. Registered users also have the option to receive our regular web site email report which shows new users, new articles, events etc, this option can be turned on or off by logging into the web site and selecting "Preferences" from the main menu, you will be required to enter your login password to apply any changes. All passwords on the web site are encrypted in our database and we are not able to retrieve them, there is an option on the login screen to reset your password in case you can't remember it or by clicking here.

• We are in the process of expanding our supported languages on the website, these now include German, Danish, English, French, Italian and Dutch, where translation has been completed. Registered and logged in users will have the ability to select their prefered language by clicking on the "Preferences" button on the main menu. This is not available when not registered and logged in.

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