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Users on the Internet can't access the LAN side of my router

Users on the Internet can't access the LAN side of my router help

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First, make sure that people are using the WAN IP that is assigned by your ISP. Users can't use the server's private IP address because, by definition, that address is not routable on the Internet. You can usually find your router's WAN IP address on your router's Status admin screen.

Second, if users are using the WAN IP, make sure that it's still assigned to you. If you have a Dynamic IP address, your ISP can change your address anytime they want, and without telling you. In that case, you may want to consider signing up for a dynamic DNS service, such as's. This service will provide a domain name (or you can use one you already have) that they will keep linked to whatever IP address your ISP assigns to you. Your server's visitors then use the domain name instead of an IP address when they want to reach your server.

Finally if people are using the correct WAN IP address, then you need to make sure your setup is correct. First, make sure the computer that is running your application is not set as your router's DMZ computer. Second, make sure you are forwarding the correct port(s) and protocol(s), i.e. TCP or UDP, used by your application. Then make sure you have entered your server's correct LAN IP address in your port forwarding setup. You should use a static IP address for any mapped server instead of having the server obtain its IP address automatically. If you don't, then your server may get a different IP address when it renews its DHCP lease, and your mapping will break.

As a last resort, remove any mappings for the server and try putting its IP address in DMZ. That should have the effect of opening all ports to the computer and should work. However, it's not very secure and should only be used as a test case or as a last resort.

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