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How do i send a message to someone via the web site?

How do i send a message to someone via the web site? help

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Firstly, you must be registered to be able to do this. To find the user name of the person you want to send a message to, login to the web site and go to 'List Users' on the main menu. Once you have found the user name from the list, click on the user name and then select Note from the menu directly below the user information thats displayed. A message will be delivered to the recipient the next time they login to the web site, simply enter the subject and the message you wish to send in the body section and click submit when done.

• All messages will be stored in our database for a maximum period of 180 days. Once 180 days have elapsed your message will be purged from our system automatically so a user might not receive a message you sent them if they have not logged in for a long time, or have not responded to message notifications on the website.

• Online support is also available through our online forums. To visit support click on Support from the main menu or click here.

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