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What is the difference between a TCP port and a UDP port?

What is the difference between a TCP port and a UDP port? help

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TCP and UDP are different protocols used by Internet applications. TCP = Transmission Control Protocol, UDP = User Datagram Protocol. The main difference between TCP and UDP is that TCP guarantees that the data sent by one computer reaches its destination computer, while UDP does not. The advantage that UDP brings in exchange for its relative unreliability is that UDP is faster for sending small amounts of data. That's why UDP is commonly used for online gaming, streaming audio and or video, and similar applications that are time-sensitive. Note that the choice of protocol is dictated by the application, not the user, i.e. you can't choose the protocol you use.

When opening or forwarding ports in your router's firewall to get applications to work, it's important to open both the correct port number and the correct protocol. If in doubt, you can always open the same port(s) for both TCP and UDP protocols although it is worth noting that this can in some cases increase the risk of security threats from outside your local network, it is always a good idea to consult your router or firewall documentation, manufacturers technical support resources, FAQ's or knowledge base articles or request technical support and check whether the port you are changing protocols for may pose an increased security threat.

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