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Would you like to update the content on this web site?

Would you like to update the content on this web site? image

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We are currently looking for enthusiastic people to add new content to this web site on a regular basis.
Some basic HTML knowledge will be required and some familiarisation with the web site software.

We have a team of people who's responsibility it is to keep the web site up to date with the latest game or application information as it becomes available which will require a certain amount of research skills and knowledge of support forums would also be an advantage. We also cover several game platforms and intend to expand that in the near future to accommodate the most recent console developements so that we can provide information for all platforms. If you enjoy playing online games and would like to be part of a team of dedicated enthusiasts who are in the forefront of Internet gaming and technological advancements and are prepared to add new titles to the web site on a regular basis and have the basic skills required as outlined briefly above please use the form below to contact a Findports web site administrator. Please provide as much information as possible and check that the email address you use in the form is valid and the spelling is correct, otherwise we might not be able to reply to your application.

We are also looking for software engineers with e-vision to take part in an exciting new project we are about to get underway, if you have experience of creating small applications which are designed to be easy for basic users to understand and you wish to be part of a dedicated team of people from a gaming background send us an email, developing integrated and branded software with our already extensive database we shall make the router a safer place for all.

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